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Need A Perfect Home Finishing? Let Us Bring Your Dreams To Reality

Home Reality Concept is an indigenous paint company that was established in the year 2006, but the founder has been in the Italian Stucco business for 10 years. He has always specialized in Stucco as well as in other paints products. We are the major distributor of Portland Paints and Products Nig. Plc (Santex Paint) with the ability to work with any paint companies irrespective of their brand.

Home Reality Concept is blessed with creative, commited and well experienced staff to give thier jobs an international standard. With the help of God we work as a strong team in order to actalized our motive and to bring a good satisfaction in to our client face.

Now that the use of stucco has proliferated around the world, this former goal has become a mission. Unfortunately, this fashionable trend of using Italian stucco has encouraged the production of poor imitation and incorrect application procedure, so Home Reality Concept took its time to employ professional stucco designers, that have gathered experience outside the country and are well creative and crafty in stucco design paint. Our painters are experts in both interior and exterior house painting.

Home Reality Concept has proven to provide a superior quality with competitive rates. Specializing by our experienced professionals, licensed applicators,while using Dryvit materials and enormously popular cladding system in commercial and residential constructions.

We offer a highly energy efficient, lightweight engineered cladding system with a vast array of finish options to suit any design consideration. We have a wide range of clients with both residential and commercial builders.

We are a growing company looking to expand our horizons, working with several buildders and establishing a name for ourselves while seeking new contracts. We are well known for leading the development of environmentally sustainable surface coatings, from the basic innovations of waterborne paints to the removal of lead from decorative paints. We specialize in comprehensive range of environmental choice approved paints. We are committed to develop the products required to meet its needs.

Home Reality Concept has clearly demonstrated its commitment to Nigerian consumers over the years, by offering its varied range of high performing quality products backed by highest level of customer service. As an organization we have managed to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through innovations.

With us, you can now see your imagination of colour in front of you eyes and watch your home comes alive, telling a thousand tales.

Transform your home with the POWER OF IMAGINATION.